Serve Weekend

For the last few years on a sunny May or June weekend, our family would join with hundreds of other people in our city for Serve Weekend. Over 30 local churches host projects to improve and better the city. There are free oil changes for single moms, collection sites to gather items for the homeless,…
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The Box

A few days ago, Jason and I went out to dinner at a small cafe nestled below large trees in Los Angeles called Alcove. It was a serene space hidden within a non-stop city. We had spent a long, fun, rainy day at a local amusement park and were eating a last meal together before…
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Mother’s Day

It was hard this morning. It was hard to fight bitterness as a single parent. I imagined all the young mothers with doting husbands making them breakfast as mine would do every year. I imagined the older mothers with completely intact families gathered around in joyous celebration. I felt jealousy. Then I thought of the…
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The Pokémon Cards

I vaguely remembered Simon playing some sort of trading card game with his buddies when we were newlyweds. He needed to bond with the guys and I was happy to see him enjoy an activity that was so…wholesome. Some men go to bars or clubs in their downtime; Simon stayed up late with straight-laced college…
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