Simon was very clear in expressing that he did not want me to stop living when he died. He did not want life to be stalled in a state of sorrow. And, as much as possible, we have tried to balance grief and find joy. We still attend weekly therapy, individually and as a family.…
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The Baby’s Birthday

Our baby turns three today.  Birthdays are going to be hard. We made cards for all of the children’s future birthdays and milestones.  As the baby gets her birthday card from Dad today, and as the kids receive these cards year after year, I hope it reminds of love and not loss. Many encouraged us…
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My middle daughter and I just returned from a week in Texas. She was able to spend quality time with Simon’s family in Atlanta. There were tea parties, crafts, goat feedings, movies, slumber parties, and playdates. She could not stop talking about all the fun she had. I asked if it made her miss her…
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Treasures Found

When someone you love dies, discovering things they had, said, or did become all the more sacred. This concept is especially on my mind because it is a new year. For Simon, a new year meant new goals.  Every January, he would type out very specific goals for the year, often broken down to each…
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Being Present

My lack of blogging, Facebooking, replying to texts, and anything else I’ve slacked on the past week has simply been because we have been enjoying life.  Christmas moved slowly for us, but in a way that allowed us to savor the moments, not dwell on loss.  I have truly felt present.  Present for the kids…
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