January 20, 2015
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My middle daughter and I just returned from a week in Texas. She was able to spend quality time with Simon’s family in Atlanta. There were tea parties, crafts, goat feedings, movies, slumber parties, and playdates. She could not stop talking about all the fun she had. I asked if it made her miss her dad. She said it made her happy to be with his family. And if she knew the word legacy, she probably would have said his legacy makes her happy, too. She would not be alone in that sentiment. I stayed back in Dallas for the week with friends. The Big D has changed so much from 10 years ago when I lived there and, in general, the changes are all positive. The city is beautiful – a mix of modern and historic, with so many amazing things to do, see and eat. I love the Golden State and I love the Lone Star State.

Speaking of change, this blog is changing. The web address will stay the same but the look will be updated in the next few weeks. The content will continue to be based on life as a young widow but will expand to feature more guest posts and include all things Texas and California. There is now a permanent link on the homepage called CELEBRATING SIMON. You’ll find video from Simon’s Celebration of Life services in Texas and the photo slideshow. The California service will be added soon. Take a moment to watch and listen, as hard as it may be. Simon’s living and dying wish was for the gospel to be shared. Simon specifically chose his cousin, Cody Howard, to present the Good News at the service. After you hear the message, don’t be shy about finding someone you trust that knows Jesus to answer any questions you may have. This is life changing stuff.

Thanks for coming along on this journey.


  1. Amy McClendon on January 20, 2015 at 6:54 am

    I’m glad you had a blast! It made me want to discover more about all that Dallas has to offer as I was drooling over all the amazing food you were eating while I am having a multigrain bagel with cream cheese at work….again! The gospel is all about life change and I am so thankful to have such an inspiring friend. Amen that with God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. Especially when they seem so impossible. Have a blessed week K-Spice.




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