With Christmas rapidly approaching, I have been bracing myself for overwhelming sadness and the consuming ache of loss. It hasn’t come. Let me be clear.  I miss Simon like crazy.  The absence of my husband, his parents’ son, his siblings’ brother, and the kids’ father is real. It hurts everyday.  I cry often. At inopportune times.  I…
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The Best Man and Brunches

My son and I just returned from Dallas. This was my fourth trip to the Lone Star State in four months. Our reason for being there was intense: Simon was supposed to be the best man in his best friend’s wedding. The same best friend that introduced us nearly 14 years ago. The same friend…
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Reinstating Christmas

I had decided that Christmas was canceled this year.  I’m not the type to wallow and have a pity party to last through the holidays, but celebrating Christmas with our newly fractured family was more than I could wrap my mind around.  We were just beginning to establish traditions with our kids.  Last year, we…
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A New Friend

A noticeable change in my demeanor since Simon’s illness and death has been my desire to make new friends.  It’s just not there. When the man I loved was slipping away from life, all I wanted to do was cling to the familiar. Be with those who knew us.  Process with others who had faced…
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