The Phone

I finally disconnected Simon’s phone. It was emotional but the money can be better used for our children’s future and, with the exception of one doctor’s office that didn’t know he was gone, no one has called or texted in months. Still, that phone was what kept us connected for the days and weeks he…
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A Letter from Simon

This letter was found a few days ago as my mom was cleaning out files. Simon had written it to my parents about six months after we married. We wanted to move to California to be closer to my family and start one of our own. They had also loaned us some money as a…
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A Hard Truth

I was unloading a myriad of frustrations to my therapist recently, which is one of the beautiful offerings of therapy. It’s a safe place to dump feelings without judgement. Most of the issues had to do with interpersonal relationships and my desire to fix what seems broken. She interrupted me with an incredulous face and…
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The Road Trip

After completing the 1500 mile drive from Dallas to Los Angeles for the fourth time in July 2005, I vowed to never do that drive again. As much as I adore Texas and as much as I loved Simon, I stated that flying would be the only acceptable transportation method for any future trips between…
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Our First Daughter’s Birthday

Our beloved, feisty, too-smart-for-her-own-good middle child turns six today. She caused significantly more nausea and hormonal discontent during my pregnancy than her brother did. She came in to this world a week early yet still weighed a staggering 10lbs., 2 oz. She has thick, wild, glorious chestnut brown hair, bright blue eyes, and fair skin…
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