Father’s Day

In our year of “firsts” without Simon, I figured Father’s Day would be the hardest for all of us. As the kids processed all that has happened, the older two were particularly concerned about Father’s Day. They had so many questions starting months ago. “How do we celebrate if we don’t have a dad? Will…
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In Times of Need

One year ago today, Simon was admitted to the hospital for stomach pain. Within 24 hours, we would learn it was stage four, incurable cancer. Some days it seems like it was a lifetime ago because of the progress we’ve made. Some days it stings and aches because it is still so fresh and it…
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Our middle daughter graduated Kindergarten today. For her, the day began light, joyous, and carefree. Summer is here! No more homework! And the big perk of school being finished for a few months for our first girl? Sleeping in. She would roll out of bed at 9 or 10 AM every day if she could.…
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