How We Met: Part 2

It was September 2003.  I was on the plane headed back to California after a weekend in Texas that left my mind racing. I had spent an unforgettable day with a charming Southern gentleman unlike any California guy I had ever dated. (Note: There are definitely quality California guys out there. At the time, I…
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A Setback

Before we  continue the saga of how Simon and I met,  it would only be fair to tell you about his setback today.  We promised to be honest and keep everyone updated so here goes.  He spent the day in the ER trying to get his pain under control.  He woke up today and couldn’t…
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How We Met: Part 1

It’s so important to remember when and why we fell in love with the person we love. This is going to be long because I like details and because Simon is sleeping right now and because nobody is forcing you to read this and because someday our kids will want to know this story and…
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Shoes on the Floor

Many have asked how Simon is at this moment. He is in abdominal pain daily and has trouble being comfortable when he sits or lies down. He has a variety of pain meds and is figuring out what the right combination is. The best words to describe his attitude are reflective, peaceful, and, as always,…
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Tiny, Huge Things

It can be hard to find the good after having a week like ours. The last three times we went to the hospital, they gave us a cute baby to take home. This time, they gave us stage four cancer. Here are few tiny things that have happened the past year that now seem HUGE,…
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The Littlest Ones

Our kids.  Our sweet, precious children.  They are seven, five, and two years old.  A firstborn green eyed son then two curly haired, blue eyed girls. They know “Daddy doesn’t feel well” and we’re leaving it at that for now.  It’s what is recommended by psychologists (we have consulted more than one) and it’s what…
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Our Story

Here’s how this cancer business all went down. I’m gonna give you the long version because, well, I can. Simon was born with a heart condition. He had three surgeries before his first birthday and had blood transfusions. He contracted Hepatitis C through one of those transfusions – the 1970’s weren’t the best years for…
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