Stages of Grief and Single Parenting

It has been nearly seven months since Simon’s passing. Looking back, I have definitely experienced four out of the five stages of grief – denial, bargaining, anger, and acceptance. What’s hitting now is the last stage: depression and sadness. By God’s mercy, I’m not experiencing a clinical or incapacitating depression. But it feels like a…
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My Birthday

My birthday was on February 17th. I turned 34. On last year’s birthday, my big goal was to tone up and look good in a bathing suit. This year, I’m trying to figure out how to rebuild my life. It’s a pretty stark contrast. Simon was great about making me feel special on the big…
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Valentine’s Day

Of the special days and events that trigger heavy feelings over the loss of Simon, Valentine’s Day is NOT one of them. Simon absoutely hated all things commercialized and corporate. If it smelled of marketing, if it sounded like a salespitch, if it looked like big business – he was out. He loathed McDonald’s. He…
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Lalo Nahu

Shortly after Simon and I married, he wanted a dog. I was okay with the idea while he was adamant. We visited a local no-kill shelter where we could take our time making a decision. I found a docile dachshund mix that liked to be cuddled. Simon found a hyper chihuahua mix with a recently…
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Six Months

It has been six months since Simon died. A lot can happen in that amount of time. We fell in love and got engaged within six months. In six months, our babies went from helpless infants to chubby babies that could smile, sit up, and show affection. We purchased, remodeled, and moved into our first…
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