I have been dealing with the worst cold and sinus infection of my life since late August. To make sure there wasn’t an underlying issue, I had a chest x-ray, extensive blood work, and two rounds of antibiotics.  The diagnosis: healthy woman with a persistent cold that will clear up in its own time. The…
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The Same Boat

It finally happened.  I had prayed I would meet a local widow with children who experienced her loss recently.  It’s a club no one wants to be a part of but other members are grateful for the connection.  There is a deep comfort and familiarity when you meet someone in the same life stage.  It’s…
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Kristy and the kids.

An Update

It has been three months since Simon took his last breath and nearly five months since the doctors delivered the devastating diagnosis.  There is still a wide variety of emotions in our home, but we are making notable progress in our journey. For me, I’m becoming more bold in my role as a single mom and widow.  I…
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Back on the Train

Simon worked for Amtrak and loved it. He operated the cafe car on board the train for four years and we would ride with him a few times a year. I have been gearing up to ride the train again, as part of the emotional healing process. Today was the day. It was intentional. It was cathartic.…
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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Simon disliked matching or coordinating clothes with us (or anyone).  If we happened to be wearing similar colors on a date or to church, he would be the first to change. He didn’t like to dress too flashy or too formal or too accessorized. But then there was Halloween.  Something clicked there and it was…
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